05 Mar 2018 4:25 PM | Shannon Ainsley (Administrator)

When I was a young child I used to watch my father play chess, and the game fascinated me so much that I begged him to teach me how to play. Now, when I look back on that experience I realize how much I learned from the game. The fact is, every piece on the board has its limitations in movement, with each piece posing its own strengths and weaknesses. Likewise, every play creates its own series of conceived reactions developed from a strategy while anticipating and understanding the opponent's opportunities.  The winners of chess games are typically the players who can think several plays ahead in reaction to the anticipated moves of the opponent.  It's like doing business! Right?

Consider the correlation.  Your opponent is your competition; every move you make with a specific piece is in relationship to current market trends, economic fluctuations, or changes in demographics. You, as the entrepreneur or business manager, have to be able to look at the whole board and see all the pieces to make wise decisions.  You must determine which piece is best to move in reaction to the situations that are presenting themselves. In business these actions/reactions are all while anticipating future market trends, changing economic situations, and staying apprised of your competition's moves.   One wrong move or one wrong decision can affect the outcome, although you may not see the immediate impact.

 What an invaluable lesson, even if I never won a game! I found out how important it was to always be learning, keeping up with trends, analyzing, and reevaluating current situations. After all, there is always a new play to learn and a new strategy that can be incorporated.

Work hard, be productive, and above all else stay positive.

Peggy White, Executive Director, Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce

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