23 Apr 2018 10:56 AM | Shannon Ainsley (Administrator)

Dear Members:

Who gets my vote? I'm not going to lie; I hate political elections of any kind. Whether they are local, state, or national elections, they all  have one thing in common they are all vying  for our vote and we have the pressure of trying to decipher it all. I find one of  the hardest challenges is to determine the "real" agenda.  Local elections offer that personal interaction with the candidate, which may be a double edged sword because with that comes personal relationships developed over years. But do we except anything from that relationship? Does that mean since I've known you and grown up with you I should get special exceptions?  Sure, we all say we  want the same things in a candidate: honesty, integrity, compassion, and knowledge to name a few. That is, until it comes to impacting us personally. Do we still support that person when they can't do anything for us or won't? Local elections  are unique because in a local election one vote can make a difference.  I remember one time missing the polls and my candidate lost by one vote.  If only....

We need to be involved in our local elections supporting our candidates and expecting nothing for that support other than to hold them to the promise  of looking at the greatest good and not promoting personal agendas. It all starts at home.

Work hard, be productive, and above all else stay positive.

Peggy White

Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce

Executive Director


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