Moment of Truth

11 Jun 2018 10:00 AM | Shannon Ainsley (Administrator)

When things happen in life that create a "moment of truth" they are called pivotal points. In our personal lives some of those moments may be events such as graduating from high school, college or trade school, getting married, having a first child, the death of a friend or a family member.  In the business world,  pivotal points also occur but the relationship of pivotal points is slightly different. In business these moments occur in terms of change in the customer base, change in product, sales approach or  new competition that has entered the market. Granted, in business it may seem less obtrusive since it is not about your personal being; however, there are times when change happens and the two mix. When you find yourself compromised personally,  it impacts your business relationship.

I recall working in a high-end art gallery many years ago with a somewhat elitist customer base. One day a gentleman came into the gallery with some small paintings that you could tell he treasured. He wanted the very best framing for his priceless processions. I quickly assessed the situation and realized that our pricing was going to be well beyond his means.  I also realized that he felt by bringing the paintings to the gallery he was honoring the artist by giving these treasures the best care and arranging for quality work. I gently guided the man to take the three paintings and put them in one frame and to use the matting to create the separation. This would honor his intent and would be less expensive. To my dismay,  the owner (who had been watching and was fully aware of the situation) quickly stepped in and pushed me out of the way telling the gentleman he needed to frame them separately. This increased the cost by two times what I had proposed. The man was dumbfounded when the owner gave him the proposed cost and you could tell he was to embarrassed to decline. This was the owners intent. Here was the owner who professed to be an outstanding Christian taking advantage of a man for the almighty buck. This was one of my  "moments of truth". In my estimation, if you have to take advantage of someone to put a buck in your pocket,  then I don't want to work for you.  I gave my notice and left shortly afterward. The hypocrisy was to much for me to bare.

Pivotal points are a  balancing act between keeping yourself grounded in the present and putting one foot into the future.  

Work hard, be productive, and above all else stay positive.

 Peggy White

Executive Director 

Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce 

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