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Small business - not for the faint of heart

25 Jun 2018 10:03 AM | Shannon Ainsley (Administrator)

How many of you own your own business? How many of you have dreamed of owning your own business? If you have ever owned a business you will understand what I'm about to say. If you haven't and have been thinking about opening your own business this might give you some reality insight into owing your own business.

Opening and running a business is not for the weak at heart.  It takes more than just a good idea or a good product. You have to know and understand your financial model  before you can even think about doing anything.   Then once you understand your own operating model and what it is going to cost you will need to be 110% committed. By that I mean you will need to live and breathe that business 7 days a week 24 hours a day, 365 days out of the year. The buck will stop with you - if you need information about your business, it's up to you to find it. No excuses for not finding it you don't have time for excuses, you and only you will have to be responsible for finding the answers.   If you're lucky you might break even in the first year and that means if you are lucky. You have to take that financial model that you develop and then manage additional components of the business  that may include bookkeeping, marketing, advertising, networking and managing personal. Simultaneously. Then when you think you have it all figured out  - the economy changes and you have to start all over again repositioning  yourself. 

 Steve Jobs said it best, " I'm convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance."

 Let's applaud and support all the locally owned businesses  in our community that have survived and continue to be a viable part of our community. These folks understand what it takes to be in business for themselves.

 Work hard be productive and above all else stay positive.

Peggy White, Executive Director 

Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce 


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