Don't Avoid the Risks

09 Jul 2018 9:30 AM | Shannon Ainsley (Administrator)

I heard a story recently that reminded me of things that we go through in business on a daily basis and that we have to experience as individuals. The story went something like this. A man was walking through the woods and saw a cocoon. He noticed that a butterfly was desperately working to free itself. As an act of kindness, he wanted to help so he took his knife and cut the cocoon open. When the butterfly emerged it fell to his hand, flopped on the side and struggled to upright itself. It then fell to the other side. After several attempts the butterfly died. The man was distraught and didn't understand what had happened so he asked somebody about this. His friend said that the work that the butterfly does to leave the cocoon is important because this allows the butterfly to dry its wings, which is necessary for survival. This act of kindness eliminated the hard work of the butterfly and deprived it of that which is vital to its life. 

This is a reminder to us that sometimes we have to suffer pain as an individual in order to be able to have the strength to move forward. That is the same as in the business; you can't cut corners, you can't avoid the risks needed to satisfy your customers, and you have to embrace the effort and do what's right for the business. Nobody else can do it for you.

In business we sometimes rely on grants and the philanthropy of others to move us forward; however, if we forget to factor into the request mandates for our own equity the business runs the risk of withering and dying because of over-reliance on others instead of endeavoring to understand the true needs and nature of the business.


Work hard be productive and above all else stay positive.

Peggy White, Executive Director 

Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce 

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